On the day you look for things to color your happy holiday and make more of your leisure experience. Ao Cho Grandview Hideaway Resort provides activities for you to relax, such as rowing boat kayaking. You can relax your muscles with massage. Foot massage will make you feel relaxed from tight stressed and makes you feel comfortable.

If you want to turn your dinner into a special meal with your lover with the candle light and special meals, food and wine tastes good on a private beach. We can prepare and decorate the area around you to romance, or is it a bouquet of flowers for someone of your to your good memories and couples.

We are pleased and proud to prepare the wedding ceremony in the form of Party wedding and decoration with flower arch beach including critical equipment in the wedding ceremony on the beach to make you and your lover has been experiencing the most wonderful equipment of romantic marriage.
Ceremony Wedding
“Forever Memories”
We are proud to offer the wedding ceremony in the form as you want, whether it is business or organized a celebration of marriage or wedding anniversary on a private beach in the romance you and love will be beautiful memories forever
If you are interested can contact the wedding ceremony by the Department directly Sale & Marketing as of Contact us
Ocean of You
"Calm Happiness"
Any happiness will only to swim in the sea calm without disturbance The place to make you and your family have a fun and safe You and your family will be able to do the activities on the beach during the day And here is a place of happiness and warmth
Let’s Exercise
“Exercise with Whole Beauty”
If you're looking for water activities to keep you exercise We have a kayak to serve you in the holiday you want to visit the beach kayaking the vicinity and also exercise while you can watch the whole beauty of various beach by yourself
Chill on the swing
“Have a Sit”
In the evening, a break with the fatigue and activity Have to sit on a swing, reading a book with sound waves and light the light breeze makes you
experience the perfect vacation
Sitting Peaceful
“Engage Peace”
No happiness is equal to engage in peaceful corner not busy, no noise; small angle on Qing slowly is a corner calmly to make you feel relaxing and peaceful
Little Boat
“Engage Peace”
The morning sun warm out kayaking in the sea calm A deep breath the fresh air and went to see the beauty of the morning The experience will make you remember forever
Check In Adults
Check In Adults