For the rest to make you fun and enjoy the spice in your vacation to be excited and enjoy maritime activities For example, enjoy banana boats To make you balance on the surface and exciting Or will enjoy snorkeling in the beautiful sunny sea clear as crystal, or want to adventure with Parachute to make you see the island Samed in high angle as the bird floating in the sky and feel the excitement of beauty image below

And if you're looking for, and to test the speed on the surface we offer Jet Ski activities to make you enjoy the challenge on the speed and pattern X-Steam

However, we also have a party of festivals and activities on a regular basis as well as the model of a group that Party group or conferences, seminars and supply and provided facilities Food and beverages, as well as many entertainment will make you enjoy, and entertaining activities that the US provided service with fully equipped
Snorkeling Trips
"Meet the new World"
In the sunny day blue color sea still looking for shallow diving program to get you out, discover the world beneath the water surface and with a variety of corals and fishes around you will give you get close to the beauty of the world under the sea
Ta-Lu Island away from Koh - samed about 15 minutes by boat Speed Boat or bay Coral Bay at the end of the island The place with the beauty of coral and fish, ready for you to pick up the diving mask and fins, to find the beauty of the sea, Samed Island
"FLY on the Sky"
Forget everything levitate to the bottom with the Indigo's beautiful and foreground with simple m you never before you can feel the excitement and beauty of the Samed Island
Jet Ski
"Speed to fast"
For me to take you to test the speed in the form a challenge On the cross you split with fun and speed on the seafloor With the driving freely you never felt before
Banana Boat
"Ride on the wave"
What makes you enjoy equal on the above water with your friends testing the ability to control balance and that you don't want to fall into the water
Pool table
Leisure activities of the invite friends to rest with them To make you feel the fun around you all the time
Check In Adults
Check In Adults