Every morning when you wake up you will experience the atmosphere of the sunrise in the morning with soft light under the shade of red Along with enjoying full breakfast nutrition that we are provided with the atmosphere of the breakfast room, located on the seaside beach While you sit and eat under the shade of trees of the roof of nature you can enjoy breakfast will make you have the power to do activities and happiness of the day

The BEACH BAR and Restaurant service has a variety of Style Thai food, you can choose to eat all the taste to you to savour. On the day you sunbathing or after swimming in the sea or have fun on the beach We provide beverages to make you refreshed and relieve the heat with drinks of various kinds

Every Saturday night you will taste the barbecue and fresh seafood, our chef provided services and make cooking demonstration while you eat that new finished from the grill. THE BEACH BAR and Restaurant open all day since 10:30 am to 9:30 PM

Our bar prepared to supply a good wine service for those who like to drink wine You will experience the romantic atmosphere, and drinking wine mix of music with the sound of waves affect beautiful beach Under the moon shining down on the seafloor An atmosphere that you would not to have a glass of wine to make you enjoy drinking wine with your lovers in the night of romance
Check In Adults
Check In Adults
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