At Samed Grand View Resort, your simple vacation will become special and memorable with the many activities we have to offer. For example, you can enjoy banana-boating with your friends, take up water-skiing for some excitement or grab a snorkel and explore the hidden nature beneath the water surface, or even decide to put on a parachute and get a bird-eye view tour of Samet Island from the sky.

And moreover, if you were in need of a place to host events and parties, at Samed Grand View Resort, we have space for anything you need. Birthday parties, weddings, concerts, exhibitions or seminars – give us a call. With event space and a full package of food and beverages, no matter your need for event planning, we at Samed Grand View Resort will deliver.
Speed boat service to enjoy at Koh Samed
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Speed boat service to Koh THALU
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Speed boat service to Koh Ku Dee
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Night Squid
Speed boat service for squid fishing
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Sunset Cruise / Sunset Experience
Every room’s balcony in our resort is designed to face west so guests could enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Samet Island that we urge you not to miss. Or if you would like to take a sunset cruise, be close to the sky and the sea we can aid you in finding one just right for you. Enjoying the beautiful sunsets Samet has to offer is just a piece of cake.
Motorised Water Sports
Water sport equipment is readily for rent on most beaches on Samet Island, e.g. Sai Kaew, Ao Phai and Ao Vong Duen - perfect beaches for jet-skiing, wakeboarding and parasailing. With so many water sport activities available along the beach, you will lose track of time and really have fun during your escape in this paradise.

Diving & Snorkeling
Koh Samet’s bay are full of beautiful shallow water corals, we at Samed Grand View Resort offer you both freediving and snorkeling experiences. See the abundant underwater ecosystem with the infamous pufferfish, sea urchins, giant stingrays in the waters surrounding the island. You can swim amongst the beauty of water ferns, corals and beautiful starfish at the south of Koh Samet. You can also snorkel right off the beach in front of our Ao Cho Hideaway Resort, a resort under the Grand View Group, located on a private beach. The waters off the Ao Cho beach is filled with tridacna (large saltwater clams) in different colors. There are also a variety of small fishes and with the water being shallow, this is the perfect areas for which our smaller guests can also enjoy snorkeling. Equipment, life vests and goggles can be borrowed at the front desk.
Check In Adults
Check In Adults
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