For the rest to make you fun and enjoy the spice in your vacation to be excited and enjoy maritime activities For example, enjoy banana boats To make you balance on the surface and exciting Or will enjoy snorkeling in the beautiful sunny sea clear as crystal, or want to adventure with Parachute to make you see the island Samed in high angle as the bird floating in the sky and feel the excitement of beauty image below

And if you're looking for, and to test the speed on the surface we offer Jet Ski activities to make you enjoy the challenge on the speed and pattern X-Steam

However, we also have a party of festivals and activities on a regular basis as well as the model of a group that Party group or conferences, seminars and supply and provided facilities Food and beverages, as well as many entertainment will make you enjoy, and entertaining activities that the US provided service with fully equipped
Kayaking is a fun activities that involves moving through water in small water vessel with the aid of double-bladed paddle.
Sub Board
Sub Board ultimately better for the environment and also give you the ability to glide over the water, reducing the amount of noise and water movement that could potentially scare away your catch.
There are some snorkeling spot at front of our resort, where you can snorkel right from the beach.
Drop by the beach lawn at any time during the day and enjoy a game of badminton. We’ll provide the rackets and shuttlecocks – you simply need to bring your A-game.
The grass fields for playing football for fun to play in family.
Fishing rods are provided for fishing at our beach bridge or paddle a kayak to go out side.
Snorkeling Trip
"Underwater Beauty"
Seeing the beauty of islands the Gulf of Thailand. Snorkeling to see Thai marine lives and their ecosystem by taking a one-day trip.

You can choose between a full-day trip or half-day trip.
Elephant Trekking
"Wild Ride"
If you're tired of swimming, don't want to sit tanning in the sun, want to go around explore Koh Chang's scenery and want a BIG ride, Koh Chang's elephants are ready to serve you.  These big, friendly fellows will take you along the path of Koh Chang's forest for you to sit back and enjoy yourselves with a different scenery of the island.
Taxi Service to Waterfall
"Meet the New World"
On the day that you want to change your scenery and want to breeze in the mist of rain forest,  Klong Plu Waterfall is a place to be.  It's the main waterfall of the island, running from the northern rain forest. You'd enjoy the fresh breeze of the mist and beautiful hiking track.  Ask us for our taxi service to the waterfall.
Taxi Service Around the Island
“Challenge the Speed”
Need a ride to navigate around the island? Here we are. We could assist you with taxi service to get you around the island. Please ask front desk for more information
Taxi Service to Fisher Man Village (Bang Bao )
“Experience Local Culture”
Bang Bao Village is a large fisherman village of Koh Chang. Here you'll learn the culture of these Thai sea people and see how the villagers make their living. You can buy seafood, fresh from the sea and find interesting souvenirs for yourself, friends and family. Please contact the front desk for taxi service to Bang Bao Village.
Squid Catching Trip
“Night Hunting”
Want some night adventure? Never know how squids are caught? You can now try for yourself!! Squid catching trip is organized every night for you to go out to the night sea, learn how to bait squid and actually catch one for yourself. Please ask the front desk for more details. 
Check In Adults
Check In Adults
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